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Since 2003 Allergy Asthma Care has utilized biologic therapy to help patients overcome severe allergic related diseases. At first biologic therapy was available only for moderate to severe asthma.Currently we use biologics to also treat chronic hives, severe atopic dermatitis (eczema), and chronic rhinosinusitits with nasal polyps.  The biologic therapies that we use in our practice are very safe with few side effects and have afforded many of our patients amazing results. 

Biologic products or “biologics” include a wide range of substances that are different from conventional drugs.  Biologics are manufactured by biotechnology techniques utilizing a complicated process. These products represent cutting-edge biomedical research and are often the most effective means to treat a variety of medical conditions that have had less effective or no other similar treatments available.  Although outcomes vary, biologics allow us to treat many patients with severe medical conditions allowing them to take fewer medications, live free of oral steroids,  and avoid hospitalizations.  This result is marked improvement in quality of life. The  biologics we currently use are administered by injections either in our office or self-administered at home in some some case