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Patient Education

Educational Downloads

The following are copies of some of our educational handouts that we share with our patients. Feel free to print them out and share them!
Seasonal allergies, also known as allergic rhinitis, is caused by allergy to various pollens such as grasses, trees, ragweed and weeds.

What is house dust and how best to control this serious allergy problem? You may have the cleanest home in the neighborhood but House Dust Mites can still be a big problem.

If you or your child are about to have allergy testing done, it is crucial that you read this important information.
If you or a loved one suffer from hay fever, you will want to know what is in this informative handout.
If pets are a problem in your home here are some helpful hints and insights.
Here are some very helpful methods to keep your skin moist and help control itching. If you or your children suffer from eczema, that this handout is required reading.
This handout explains what VCD is and how we treat this common problem that mimics and complicates asthma.
Here is some helpful information prepared by Dr. Blumenthal to help answer your questions about the safety of these medications and the recent FDA warnings.
Here is a tool to help you manage your (or your child’s) asthma when signs and symptoms of asthma are not fully controlled.
This is an informative review by Dr. Blumenthal about the safety of Singulair in light of recent FDA warnings.
A few words from our office staff regarding prior authorizations.
This handout provides recommendations for daily skin care.
How To Use Your Nasal Spray

Dr. Blumenthal discusses the correct use of your nasal spray so that you can maximize it’s effectiveness for more relief and less side effects.

How To Use Your Metered Dose Inhaler

Here we review the correct technique for inhaler use utilizing a spacer for maximum benefit.

House Dust Mites

In this video Dr. Jeff Miller has an excellent overview of house dust mite allergy problems. The video also includes control measures necessary to limit your exposure.

How To Use An Inhaler With Young Children

Using a metered dose inhaler with young children can be easy and quick. With proper technique, you can make it much easier for your yourng child to get the full benefits of his or her inhaler without the struggles or time needed for a nebulizer treatment.

Mold Allergy

This is a good video by Dr. Bob Overholt on the basics of mold allergy and mold avoidance.